Real estate management

NaviServ Company ensures its own studies of the possibility to establish, on the basis of ERP-solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009R2, a complex integrated system of automation of activity of the companies specializing in design management of office rent.

In the context of rented office management and accounting of financial result on principal and auxiliary types of activity the system will enable ensuring:

  • Management of a catalogue of buildings and premises being rented on their groups (types).
  • Choosing buildings and premises by request of the customer.
  • Management of premises rent services with reference to catalogue.
  • Keeping budgets on buildings and premises being rented for a calendar (financial) year in terms of proceeds and cost price.
  • Reference to rent contract with design management and possibility to ensure plan/actual analysis of financial result.
  • Support of complete cycle of planning and performance of sales plan (commercial offers, discounts, charges on invoices, calculation of penalties, accounting in terms of contracts etc.).
  • Support of complete cycle of planning and performance of procurement (orders, accounting in terms of contracts).
  • Distribution of costs to rented area according to several rules of distribution (area, number of employees etc.).
  • Keeping accounting and tax records in accordance with requirements of legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • HR management, record keeping and salary calculation.
  • Possibility of get remote access via Internet via safe communication channels.
  • A wide set of analysis and accounting tools.

Developments of NaviServ on office design management have been realized on the basis of typical solution of  Microsoft Company and represent a basic concept of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in this field.