Navision - competitive advantage. Great business opportunities.

History of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision):

Integrated enterprise management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the result of long working years of a significant number of professionals in the automation field. The system story begins since 1983. In those years creation, development, implementation and professional support of this software were performed by Navision Company located in Denmark. Initially the system was developed as a system for accounting automation for Denmark and Norway, and since the 90s of the 20th century the geography of its application was extended to Germany, Spain, and Austria. Since that time, Navision has become a recognized system in Europe and since 1992 the program appears on the USA market. Wide functional possibilities, easy and reliable operation contributed to the rapid growth of Navision popularity. Here at the functionality of the system is constantly expanding and exceeded the scope of the financial circuit - the system has been developed to a level of the enterprise integrated automation. In 2002 Navision was acquired by Microsoft Corporation, which created a separate division Microsoft Business Solutions for its further development. Since then the system has developed significantly and become one of the most popular in the world. In 2004 Microsoft rebranded the product from Navision to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This name is known on the business systems market today.

Competitive advantages:

  • Navision was the first of integrated world-class ERP-systems that has been specially adapted to the peculiarities of Russia and approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Now separate Microsoft subdivisions for supporting the system compliance with legal requirements are operated in Russia.
  • Since the first versions Navision was based on the principle of matrix configuration of business processes, providing easy and logic configuration. Formation of financial transactions has a principle "from the business process." Business processes configured in the system allow complete elimination of incorrect accounting data registration.
  • Navision has a pre-configured standard configuration. It helps to significantly reduce implementation time. This standard configuration has incorporated features of the best solutions for the entire Navision history. 
  • Automation of financial accounting of the company underlies the entire system and represents its core. It was a distinctive feature of the first Navision versions and remains a key principle of Microsoft Dynamics NAV today. 
  • Price affordability for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses. The system licenses competitive (concurrent) users. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is being developed considering latest technological achievements in the field of information technologies. Currently web-services possibilities are widely used. In practice it means that access to Navision data can be obtained from any computer connected to the Internet network using a standard web browser. The company employees gain all mobility benefits.
  • MS Navision has a robust system for ensuring data security. Information security is provided both at the level of the system database and at the level of role-based access within the application.
  • Development environment is integrated in the system. Navision was initially designed as an open-code system, allowing customers to implement all required features. 
  • Unlimited number of analytical measurements (dimensions) provides wide possibilities for data analysis.
  • Microsoft Navision efficiency has been proved by operation experience with more than 30,000 installations worldwide. Real implementation experience was summarized and represented in Microsoft methodological publications.
  • For details on the system features the customers are provided with demo version of the product and possible training from Microsoft authorized partners.