Business consulting

The implementation of any information system at the enterprise suggests the required changes both in the business processes of the company, and in the information system itself. This statement is no longer in doubt.  Management of companies is ready to change processes, and IT-specialists are ready to adapt the systems to business requirements.
In the context of mutual readiness to compromise, the competence of implementation specialists at the enterprise business plays a key role. The role of the project implementation team is no longer confined to the deep subject knowledge of the system as such.  For successful business automation at the present time this condition is absolutely necessary but not sufficient.  Business requires from companies-integrators to be experts in the industry, offering the best and optimal solutions based on their experience.

Business consulting services provided by NaviServ specialists is primarily an expertise in a sphere of harmonious fusion of business objectives and tools of optimal management. They are based on an analysis of the following business features of the Customers:

  • Customers needs and the level of their satisfaction
  • Internal mechanisms of the company management
  • Interaction with external partners
  • Risk areas and unproductive areas
  • Possible latent resources

The result of this analysis is the development of management strategies and preparation of proposals for optimal architecture of the company information systems.
NaviServ specialists are ready to offer your company various solutions based on the best practices experience.