Machines and spare parts accounting

Project on modernization of a complex integrated ERP-system has been performed for “Cargotech-RUS” Company on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 platform. Within framework of this project a specialized corporate solution to manage supplies of machines and spare parts has been created. This solution is based on accounting of machines and their spare parts as SKUs with required attributes and classifiers. And they have ensured the possibility of recording and further analytical processing of any required information on every item of machinery. Spare parts accounting has been implemented in the form of separate units and repair kits as well.

Created solution has automated activity of all departments of the company interacting in the course of procurement, sales and further maintenance of technical products and their spare parts. It resulted in improved performance of operation with Customers on account of permanent monitoring of their demands, proactive offers with regard to specific features of every Customer, due performance of marketing campaigns and events on modernization of procured equipment.

Combination of CRM-functions on strategic management of cooperation with customers, engineering-technical, logistic and financial possibilities of automated management system ensured strengthening of the company’s positions in the market and prompt management of its changes. Possibilities of the supplier to provide end users and service centers with required machinery and spare parts, choose optimum options of component replacement, provide customer with technical information – all these aspects ensure direct and not overestimated influence on establishment of long-term partner relations with the Customers. In the context of such strategic vectors of support and development of business information tools of support play one of the most important parts. Solution “Machines and Spare Parts” created by NaviServ specialists fully meets all the above demands and is a ready automation tool for companies operating in the market of high-tech equipment. 

In the view of functional and technological possibilities the solution offered by NaviServ Company ensures:

Supply chain management of machines and spare parts

  • Keeping grouped catalogues of machines and spare parts of different manufacturers and excluding duplicates. Possible integration with electronic catalogue of spare parts from manufacturers of machinery.
  • Updating catalogues of manufacturers via Internet.
  • Possible setting of financial and product accounting of manufacturers in terms of lots, serial numbers and analytical features (country of origin, plant etc.).
  • Accounting and distribution of customs fees on several bases of distribution (customs rate, weight, volume, proportional to amount) in terms of every delivery.
  • Support of the whole cycle of planning and performance of procurement and sales plan (quotations, discounts, charges on invoices, calculation of penalties, accounting in terms of contracts etc.).
  • Inventory management with the use of digital identification technology (bar code, RFID) and radio terminals of data collection from NordicID™ Company (Finland).
  • Calculation of transaction with regard to customs fees and other expenses.
  • Flexible system of booking of machines and spare parts.
  • Possible establishment of commercial budgets in terms of proceeds, number and cost price.
  • Accounting of machinery operation (its running hours).

Functions of customer relations management

  • Keeping contact data base and its operation
  • Profiling and customer segmentation
  • Tracking of marketing campaigns
  • Function of electronic commerce

Financial management functions

  • Keeping accounting and tax records in accordance with requirements of legislation of the Russian Federation
  • A wide range of tools of analysis and accounting
  • Reflecting specific features of accounting of machines and spare parts in terms of bookkeeping

Additional possibilities

  • HR management, record keeping and salary calculation
  • Possible remote access via Internet via safe communication channels
  • Possible integration with inventory management programs of third-party manufacturers 

The solution on management of supplies of machines and spare parts has been built on the basis of typical solution from Microsoft Company and amendments made by NaviServ Company.