Transportation and finances

NaviServ Company has established, on the basis of ERP-solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a complex system of automated financial activity of R-Line Company specializing in provision of transportation-forwarding services. Established system has advanced functionality ensuring financial planning, accounting of operational financial flows and financial analysis. This complex system solves the following tasks:


  • Managers of freight traffic department make up planned costs in terms of transportations with mechanisms of role assignment/signature of payment orders by employees of departments
  • Automatic creation of budgeting operations upon closure of freight operation by managers of freight traffic department  with establishment of planned aspects and any required accounting
  • Cost planning on other types of the company’s activity in terms of legal entities of holding company

Business operations

  • Issue of invoices for payment to customers in terms of legal entities of holding company, summarizing planned and actual costs on performed transportation and calculation of its profit
  • Establishment and accounting of document of cash inflow from customers followed by its distribution in different transportations and other types of activity
  • Documental support of financial process of wire transfers, conversion and transfer of money between settlement account of holding company
  • Total support of actual payment accounting for different contractors on transportations and other types of activity in terms of legal entities of holding company and contractors,  financial closure of transportations with possible execution of document “post factum”, establishment and accounting of cost price and financial result on transportations and other types of activity


  • Total reflection of all financial activity of holding company in management plan of accounts, flexible and convenient tools available for working with financial operations and analysts
  • Control of state of settlement and cash accounts of legal entities of holding company
  • Management of accounts payable and receivable, ensuring reconciliations with contractors and customers in terms of legal entities in any currency
  • Systematizing and grouping of reference books of contractors and customers, precise individual setting for various types of activity of the company
  • Total management and monitoring of processes of procurement, depreciation, write-off and servicing of fixed assets and non-tangible assets of the company

Analysis and accounting

  • Analysis of transportation profit – a mechanisms comparing planned costs and actual payments, establishment of planned profit and its accounting, reconciliation of transportation operations
  • Establishment of analytical, financial and planned/actual statement of measurements in terms of transportations, stages of  transportation, CF, PL, legal entities of holding company, legal entities of contractors and types of activity
  • Establishment of accounting of margin profit of the organization in terms of transportations, customers and managers of customer service department of the company

Financial management system of transportation-forwarding company has been established on the basis of typical solution Dynamics NAV from Microsoft Company and amendments made by NaviServ Company.